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About SUFS

Stand Up For Salem Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which was first launched in 1988 by a group of civic-minded residents to stimulate the revitalization of the center of Salem. Since that time SUFS has begun its vision to transform the city’s neighborhoods by fostering resident based planning and volunteer driven projects as an independent and versatile community development corporation.

Our Mission

Stand Up for Salem’s mission is to stimulate local business opportunities, champion historic preservation, and cultivate positive community growth to improve the lives of those who live and work in Salem City.


Executive Director

Chris Davenport

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Director of Development

& Communications

Amy Peterson-Petrie


Meet Our Team

Amy is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships that support our mission. This includes community outreach and events, resource development, and business opportunities, bolstering community livability and economic resiliency. She advocates for small business and provides resources to give businesses the best chance at success. AJ leverages her resources and vast connections to create both opportunities & solutions for the growth of Salem City.


She is the founder of South Jersey Adventures, a tourism organization encouraging people to adventure and connect to the area they call home. AJ founded a consulting service in 2016 to develop strategies to increase visibility and traffic, branding, website development and social media tactics and methods for local small businesses & artists. Before joining Stand Up For Salem, AJ operated as the executive director for a local main street association.

Chris has served as the Executive Director of Stand Up For Salem for the past 20 years.  During this time SUFS has grown from small volunteer-based Main Street Program into a full community development program serving hundreds of businesses and residents. Overall public and private investment in the central area of Salem City directly resulting from SUFS efforts during this time totals over 45 million dollars, a significant figure for a small community.


Prior to moving to Salem, Chris worked in non-profit and economic development service in the Bronx and Brooklyn, NY. A native of Boonsboro, Maryland, Chris has a Bachelors degree in Marketing from Messiah College (Grantham PA) and a Masters degree in Urban Planning from New York University.  He lives in Salem, NJ with his wife Beth who is also very active in the Salem Community. They have 3 grown children.

Our Board


Our board of directors are comprised of those who have dedicated their careers to the growth and improvement of Salem City. Each member, driven by their passion, is active within our community.  

Tom Smith- President

Jim Waddington- Vice President

Mark Kelty- Treasurer

Rebecca Ferguson- Secretary

Betsy Amoroso

Daryl Casper

Earl Gage

Michael Gorman

Rob DeNight

Keith Campbell

Debbie Gralley

Sonita Johnson

George Reese

Jim Smith

Zack Zehner

Gail Slaughter

Nelson Carney

Lynn Saunders


Without the generosity & support of our funders and partners, none of our work would be possible. Their dedication to Salem City will leave a lasting impact. 

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