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About SUFS

Stand Up For Salem Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which was first launched in 1988 by a group of civic-minded residents to stimulate the revitalization of the center of Salem. Since that time SUFS has worked to transform the city’s neighborhoods by fostering resident-based planning and volunteer- driven projects as an independent community development corporation.

Our Mission

Stand Up for Salem’s mission is to stimulate local business opportunities, champion historic preservation, and cultivate positive community growth to improve the lives of those who live and work in Salem City.


Meet Our Team

Betsy McBride

Interim Executive Director

Betsy McBride.jpg

Betsy has extensive experience in community development and has worked as Associate Director of Development for Heart of Camden, as a Committeewoman in Pennsauken, and with UrbanPromise, Inc. as Director of the Delaware Gardens Neighborhood Initiative.  

Betsy has a passion for community-building, fundraising, and bringing people together for a common cause and we are excited to have her leading our organization into its next chapter. 


Our Board


Our board of directors are comprised of those who have dedicated their careers to the growth and improvement of Salem City. Each member, driven by their passion, is active within our community.  

Tom Smith- President

Michael Gorman - Vice President

Mark Kelty- Treasurer

Rebecca Ferguson- Secretary

Betsy Amoroso

Keith Campbell - Vice President Emeritus

Nelson Carney

Daryl Casper

Rob DeNight

Earl Gage

Debbie Gralley

Sonita Johnson

Lynn Saunders

Gail Slaughter

Jim Waddington - Vice President Emeritus

Zack Zehner


Without the generosity & support of our funders and partners, none of our work would be possible. Their dedication to Salem City will leave a lasting impact. 

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We are working to grow communal equity.

What does that mean? We believe in a holistic approach to development. This goes beyond bringing in business; it means we empower and educate local residents to build themselves up with the tools that we've mastered. It means we preserve and restore the historical & architectural integrity of the city. It means we stock the city with unique businesses and experiences that will grow our economic footprint.

With those focuses in place, we become a catalyst for change. By leveraging positive developments happening in and around Salem, partnering with other organizations, and advocating for the residents of Salem City, we work together to create a stronger community. 

Salem City is not unique in its struggles. A city battered by deindustrialization and economic insecurities, our town has seen better days. With so many focused on the negatives, we focus on the positive. 

We can't do it alone, though. We need those who live, work, or visit Salem to use their voice & their passion to move us forward. Let's get to work. 

Three Points of Impact

  Stand Up For Salem concentrates on several points of impact to raise Salem City. Under our umbrella, we focus on three points of impact:


Community Development

Through grants, programming, education, & growing relationships, we are committed to making positive, direct impacts to the residents of Salem City. 

Economic Development

As a main street organization, we have the unique opportunity to provide indispensable resources & guidance to local businesses, as well as creative services to grow and enhance their presence. 


Historic Preservation and Building Arts

Salem City has a rich story told through its buildings and architecture. Through preservation, restoration, & education, we are improving the physical attributes of our city.


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