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neighborhood planning
   & community input

Resident & stakeholder input is crucial to the development of our plans to improve the city.

As we reflect on the improvements we've made over the past few years, with the restoration of the JCPenney building and the creation of Hires Avenue Community Garden, we look to the future. Your voice matters as we enter into a new plan. 


Come discuss what you would like to see in the proposed expansion of our 'Oak to Olive' improvement plan. Our November event kicks off a series of public meetings through May, 2022 to get resident input on opportunities to improve Salem City.

Topics discussed include youth programs, public spaces, employment, housing, public safety, transportation, and much more. Bring your ideas! 

Salem Community Dinner & Neighborhood Planning Kickoff (7).png


We'd still love your feedback! Click on each topic below to fill out a short survey and let us know your thoughts! 

Questions? Send an email & we'll get back to you shortly!

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